Watch Out, There's a Beastie About! -- Pacific Spirits Introduces Ultimate Party Drink -- A Premium Vodka & Fruit Juice Beverage at the Las Vegas Nightclub & Bar Convention Show, March 25-26th, 2003 - Booth # 9006

NEW YORK--March 19, 2003

Beastie mania is about to sweep America as Scotland's unique party drink sensation -- Wee Beastie -- swings its way to the States.

Twenty-two million years ago this tiny beastie hatched in what has become the great US of A. Wind borne it found its way to Scotland, where over the years it has evolved into the ferocious party animal loved throughout the land. Now Wee Beastie is back in the U.S. leaner and meaner than ever before -- with the power to kick every party up a notch!

Guzzled by both grannies and clubbers alike, grown up sweet tooths love Wee Beastie -- a carbonated premix vodka drink with taurine and caffeine -- flavored with raspberry and blackcurrant and a generous 1.5 shots of vodka in every bottle.

Hot on the heels of Wee Beastie's U.S. introduction comes Beastie Big Shots, bite sized vodka shots bursting with Beastie's fantastic fruity flavor.

"Since Wee Beastie was introduced in Scotland in August, 2000, sales have been growing at over 100% a year", stated Chulatip Nitibhon, President of Pacific Spirits (USA), Inc., exclusive importers of Wee Beastie in North America. "Combining this proven success with superior taste, great packaging and an innovative creative approach, we look forward to meeting with the industry in Las Vegas in preparation for our U.S. launch later this year.

Wee Beastie is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inver House, a leading distiller of scotch malt whiskey. Inver House is wholly-owned by Pacific Spirits (U.K.) Ltd, a global beverage company with close ties to Carlsberg Asia and the TCC Group companies, one of Asia's premier alcoholic beverage concerns with consolidated annual sales in excess of US $2 billion.

Join the Beastie buzz at the Las Vegas Nightclub and Bar Convention Show, March 25-26th, 2003 and be one of the first to experience the Scottish sensation stateside at Booth # 9006.

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