Japan Consolidates its Gains and Achievements

New York, New York - January 29, 2007 - The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) released a newsletter today highlighting changing economic fundamentals in Japan. It can be viewed at:


A summary is presented below:

• Japan Consolidates its Gains and Achievements

As investors recognized the extent of Japan's economy recovery in 2005, its primary Nikkei 225 index rose by an extremely strong 40%+. This performance exceeded all...

• Japan Maintains Investor Confidence Despite Movement Toward More Risky Assets

While most US market indices outperformed Japan in 2006, it is interesting to note many investors pulled back on their US investments while maintaining their...

• Japan Enhances Innovation, Education and Development of Value-Added Industries and Services

Until the late 1980s Japan was able to compete based on its ability to manufacture products more efficiently -- not only more efficiently than...

• Japan is Maintaining its Commitment to Reform and Rationalization

Many commentators have remarked that Prime Minister Koizumi's greatest achievement was to use his personal charisma to...

• Japan is Moving to Enhance the Economic Integration of East Asia

Global growth over much of the postwar era has been driven by consumption in the US and Western Europe, while emerging nations in Asia and other markets have sought to achieve...

• Some Economic Indicators Show Strength While Others Show Signs of Moderation

In early December, the Japanese government announced that the economy had posted a 0.8% growth rate in the third quarter (July-September) as a result of...

• There is Optimism over the Prospects for the Japanese Economy in 2007

The reforms and economic data noted above as well as continued improvement in the conditions and profitability of Japanese firms have made...

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