"Japan Cool" Rises in Global Importance and Significance

New York, New York - April 25, 2007 - The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) released a newsletter today highlighting cultural and economic developments in Japan. It can be viewed at:


A summary is presented below:

• "Japan Cool" Rises in Global Importance and Significance

Most people are aware of Japan's formidable business and economic achievements. They are not nearly as cognizant, however, of Japan's...

• The Rise of "Japan Cool" and its Impact on the Nation's Domestic Economy

Past Focus issues have examined how Japan is undergoing numerous changes relating to its macroeconomy, its companies, and its society. As for...

• Japanese Content and Cultural Exports are Increasingly Popular Around the World

The developments noted have led to a number of exciting advances in animation (anime), fashion, film, food, and other cultural areas. These advances are...

• Cultural Developments Enhance Japan's Capacity for Innovation and Product Development

Part of the reason for this emphasis on culture by Japanese corporations can be attributed to the fact they can no longer rely primarily upon their cost competitiveness or...

• Japanese Content Represents a Growing Revenue Source for Foreign Companies and Investors

The rising popularity of Japanese culture in foreign markets is providing many new business opportunities for foreign companies and investors. For example, the Japanese Food Culture Festival...

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