Communications: Building Positive Awareness and Relationships

KWR's communications capability goes far beyond traditional public and investor relations, driven by our deep understanding of the importance of policy, planning and strategic development. Our programs are then adapted in accordance with the unique organizational capacity and concerns of each client organization. KWR's experience includes a wide range of engagements that build positive awareness and relationships through our ability to enhance a client's access and interactions with targeted journalists, investors, customers, executives, employees, government officials, academics and other important external and internal constituencies. KWR has conducted communications outreach assignments for major U.S. and foreign corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and several of the world's largest public relations firms. Selected areas of focus and projects include:

(Note: Due to the integrated nature of these initiatives, many of the activities indicated below belong in one or more of the indicated categories)

Media and Public Relations

KWR's media and public relations activities are characterized by its proven ability to define and communicate strategic messages that promote client interests. Drawing on its extensive network and database, KWR is able to access established relationships to disseminate information to print, broadcast and trade media all over the world. It is also able to directly distribute relevant information to targeted opinion leaders. This includes the preparation and dissemination of speeches, newsletters, releases, presentations, opinion pieces, Q+A, and background and briefing materials. In addition, KWR organizes media training and practice sessions and assists in the development and management of speaking opportunities, interviews and other encounters with the media and other targeted entities.

KWR media relations programs have helped to: a) market investment opportunities and consumer and business-oriented products and services; b) promote awareness of corporate and public policy issues; c) leverage corporate and government-sponsored road shows and visits by senior managers, executives and officials; d) maximize attendance and the outreach achieved through special events; e) enhance recognition of corporate and institutional achievements; f) influence bilateral and multilateral trade and policy negotiations; and g) support litigation proceedings.

  • Recent KWR media relations programs include: a) support for a conference to promote direct investment in a G7 economy, b) investor-oriented road shows for a foreign securities dealers association and c) another to attract interest in a multi-billion dollar technology infrastructure project. KWR has also helped to release numerous public policy announcements.

  • KWR organized a media relations program to support the sale and distribution of a best-selling alcoholic beverage in the U.S. and Canada.

  • KWR initiated several media relations programs to highlight research studies it conducted to analyze the perceptions of opinion leaders concerning business and investment opportunities in a foreign country.

  • KWR undertook a media relations effort to help a foreign financial institution communicate their competitive strength to journalists and investors.

  • KWR helped to prepare and place an opinion piece for a foreign business leader to counter negative media coverage concerning a particular corporate restructuring and its implications on national reform efforts.

  • KWR assisted in the preparation of a speech for a Trade Minister and arranged all aspects of his media appearances on global television news services, and a national talk show broadcast on public television.

  • KWR designed and implemented a national media relations initiative to support a litigation proceeding.

  • KWR organized several English and foreign language press conferences, for both U.S., and locally based foreign, media.

  • KWR professionals have organized media relations initiatives to support the U.S. launch and marketing of a photo-sticker machine, an Internet search engine and many other consumer and business-to-business products and services.

Investment and Trade Promotion

KWR has decades of experience helping to promote the investment and commercial potential of companies, countries, local regions, states, municipalities and infrastructure-oriented projects. This includes engagements with multilateral, national and local investment and trade promotion and donor agencies, business and trade associations and corporate entities. In this capacity KWR has helped to develop and support investment and trade promotion initiatives for clients in Asia, the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

KWR professionals have also helped to develop and implement specialized programs to promote trade and investment in a wide range of sectors. These include technology and infrastructure development, telecommunications, tourism, food and agriculture, giftware and home furnishings, sporting goods, apparel and accessories, real estate, light and heavy industry and numerous additional consumer- and business-oriented products and services.

  • KWR helped a local government to promote a $13 billion infrastructure development project emphasizing technology and air and sea transport.

  • KWR promoted an Investment Forum and luncheon during a visit by a Southeast Asian president to the U.S.

  • KWR organized activities to help several local governments to attract investment into their provinces and municipalities.

  • KWR helped to promote several conferences to attract direct investment into a G7 economy.

  • KWR undertook two studies to evaluate perceptions before and after a global investor-oriented road show to support a sovereign bond offering.

  • KWR undertook several studies to measure opinion leader perceptions for countries, local governments, business associations and corporate entities to define strategic messages, identify effective outreach methodologies, and evaluate ongoing communications initiatives.

  • KWR staff managed the design and development of the first international outreach program for an Asian nation, with a multi-million dollar budget and planned activities in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

  • KWR staff designed an award-wining program for a foreign government seeking to showcase its export potential to U.S. businesses and media.

  • KWR staff served as an in-house advisor in a Central European Trade Ministry to design a "Trade, Investment and Privatization Program".

Investor Relations and Advisory Services

KWR and its consulting staff have extensive experience managing "sovereign" and corporate investor relations activities. In addition to developing and managing investor-oriented communications initiatives, KWR can also provide market intelligence and the "hands-on" assistance needed to facilitate all facets of the transaction process. This includes numerous initiatives to help corporations and government agencies to strengthen their communications with investors in the U.S., Asia, Europe and other locations. To support these initiatives, KWR has developed press releases and external communications, meetings and outreach to analysts, investors and other targeted entities as well as strategic messages, analyses and other materials and relevant activities.

  • KWR professionals have worked with several venture companies to develop business plans and to identify, interact and negotiate agreements with foreign investors, advisory firms and strategic partners.

  • KWR helped a major multinational corporation to conduct targeted outreach in support of an investment opportunity in Southeast Asia.

  • KWR facilitated the U.S. visit of a high-level delegation from a Central Asian nation to meet with major financial institutions and law firms in road show designed to coincide with the public tender of shares in 32 state-owned enterprises.

  • KWR helped a foreign securities dealers association to mount a three-city road show, attracting 300+ institutional investors, analysts, tech firms and other targeted individuals.

  • KWR developed a seminar on investor relations for member companies of New York-based foreign business association.

  • KWR staff has been responsible for developing an investor relations seminar for capital market regulators from six CEE/NIS countries.

  • KWR professionals have helped numerous companies to manage their ongoing investor relations needs and requirements.

Corporate and Marketing Communications

KWR has extensive experience helping companies and governments to reach out to trade and business media as well as the specialized audiences necessary to insure their success in international markets. This includes numerous business-to-business and consumer-oriented assignments. KWR staff and consultants have also managed trade show, conference and seminar appearances, product launches, in-store and business-to-business promotions as well as media and public relations efforts. This includes experience working with technology and infrastructure development projects, telecommunications, tourism, food and agriculture, giftware and home furnishings, sporting goods, apparel and accessories, real estate and numerous additional consumer- and business-oriented products and services.

  • KWR organized a media relations program to support the sale and distribution of a best-selling alcoholic beverage in the U.S. and Canada.

  • KWR initiated corporate and marketing communications activities to help a foreign manufacturer expand in the U.S., Latin America and other overseas markets.

  • KWR staff assisted in preparation of background/presentation materials for internal and external audiences to support merger in the defense industry.

  • KWR helped to support U.S. launch of a video arcade machine with worldwide sales of approximately $850 million through media relations and participation in relevant trade shows.

  • KWR initiated a marketing and public relations program to promote the sale of an Internet metasearch engine.

  • KWR promoted a teleconference series designed to familiarize foreign audiences with technology trends in the U.S.

  • KWR staff has provided counsel, direction and support on all facets of an award-winning marketing communications program sponsored by a Southeast Asian export promotion agency.

Road Shows and Special Events

KWR has extensive experience organizing road shows and special events. This includes the management of all phases of conferences, seminars, trade shows, press conferences and other large and small meetings designed to promote client interests. In addition to the actual events themselves, KWR organizes press conferences, and helps to prepare press releases, Internet web-sites, speeches and a wide range of presentations. These are then used to dramatically leverage the impact of these events - significantly expanding the potential audience through the delivery of strategic messages to targeted individuals all over the world.

  • KWR developed an Internet web site and managed media and audience relations initiatives to promote a seminar sponsored by U.S. and foreign government agencies and business organizations to highlight foreign direct investment in one of the world's largest economies.

  • KWR enlisted keynote speakers, recruited venture capitalists, managed media relations and promotion of an Asia-based international conference.

  • KWR developed strategy, positioning and marketing materials and managed media relations and audience development for a three-city road show by a foreign securities dealers association, attracting 300+ institutional investors, analysts, tech firms and other targeted individuals.

  • KWR managed a road show for a local government to promote a $13 billion infrastructure development project. Activities included organizing an investment seminar and reception, media-relations activities for U.S. and foreign media and production of a dance performance for a targeted audience of 1,300.

  • KWR helped to promote an Investment Forum and luncheon during a visit by a Southeast Asian president to New York.

  • KWR has helped numerous companies in the technology, electronics, specialty foods, sporting goods, giftware and home furnishings, apparel, accessories, services and other industries to organize and manage all aspects of appearances at trade shows and other events oriented toward business, consumer and specialty markets.

  • KWR organized and supervised promotional efforts in support of global teleconferences by major international law firm on a range of technology-, investment and policy-related issues.

  • KWR provided counsel and editorial and promotional support for a speech delivered in Southeast Asia by a Vice-Minister on the Asian economic crisis.

Materials Development and Dissemination

KWR professionals have helped clients to define and present a wide range of corporate, product, institutional and policy announcements. This includes the development of marketing and financial messages, corporate capabilities statements, sales promotions and other targeted communications. Examples include the development of newsletters, press kits, brochures, Internet web sites, booklets, books, brochures, annual reports, and other printed and internet-based media. KWR has also drafted speeches, presentations, opinion pieces, letters to editors, press releases and statements to support special events and meetings as well as the ongoing public and investor-relations initiatives of its clients.

  • KWR developed an Internet web site and corporate and marketing materials for a foreign sporting goods manufacturer.

  • KWR helped to author a series of annual reports for a foreign business association.

  • KWR produces and disseminates an ongoing series of newsletters for a foreign government to highlight a wide range of trade, economic, financial and other policy issues.

  • KWR developed a corporate capabilities brochure for a foreign business association.

  • KWR developed a web site to promote a seminar sponsored by U.S. and foreign government agencies and business organizations to highlight foreign direct investment in one of the world's largest economies.

  • KWR helped to develop an Internet web site and promotional materials to support a road show by a foreign securities dealers association.

  • KWR regularly publishes the KWR International Advisor, an e-mail newsletter that is disseminated to over 10,000 opinion leaders in approximately 70 countries all over the world. This newsletter focuses on a wide range of economic, financial, political and technology-related issues.

  • KWR helped to develop corporate capabilities materials to highlight a professional services firm that specializes in legal and financial training.

  • KWR assisted several foreign television networks in the production of television documentaries on global economic trends and developments.

  • KWR assisted in the development of national cable programs covering economic and policy trends in Asia.

  • KWR professionals have substantial experience preparing annual reports, Internet web sites, e-documents, brochures, capabilities statements and other corporate and marketing materials for a wide range of major corporations, governments and business organizations.

Public Affairs/Trade and Regulatory Issues

KWR has worked with many corporations, governments and business and non-profit associations to identify and research key issues, and to communicate their positions to support bilateral, multilateral and other forms of negotiations and interactions on a wide range of policy and regulatory issues. KWR consultants and affiliates can also effectively lobby on behalf of clients with a range of public and private sector agencies and institutions and media.

  • KWR helped to direct outreach programs during highly sensitive bilateral trade negotiations concerning automobiles and semiconductors. This included development of strategic messages, newsletters, perception research, media monitoring, and outreach to journalists and other targeted constituencies.

  • KWR prepared background materials and helped to organize public relations efforts in support of a government during a global multilateral conference on a major environmental issue.

  • KWR helped two foreign trade and business associations to develop a program to highlight need to upgrade business and corporate governance practices in their country under grant from a major foundation.

  • KWR provided counsel and editorial and promotional support for a speech delivered by a Vice-Minister during the Asian financial crisis.

  • KWR helped to draft speeches and talking points for senior government official on electronic commerce, trade and relevant policy issues for delivery at major bilateral and multilateral international forums.

  • KWR supervised all activities related to a reception, seminar, press conference and dance performance for a foreign local government. We enlisted sponsorship support from major corporations and associations and achieved prominent coverage in foreign and U.S. media.

  • KWR helped to organize stone transfer and related ceremonies commemorating U.S. casualties of Korean War between Korean City and U.S. veterans memorial committee.

  • KWR provided strategic counsel and developed a media relations program to assist a national association seeking to support litigation and to develop class action lawsuits to protect small businessmen against telemarketing abuse.

  • KWR professionals managed publicity and sponsorship development for an industry association, helping to raise US$226,000 in six weeks from corporate sponsors to promote and fund private sector activities at Transportation/ Telecommunications Ministerial meetings and follow-up tour.

  • KWR staff developed a grass roots promotion/educational package, combining instructional books, videos and workshops to promote safety, leadership, teamwork and fitness, enlisting a major sports magazine and an educational institute as joint venture consortium partners.

  • KWR staff have authored numerous articles and conducted print and broadcast interviews on trade and other policy issues.


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