Research: The Foundation of the Strategic Approach

KWR undertakes research and monitoring activities to help our clients define and achieve their institutional and corporate objectives. This includes projects that seek to enhance and evaluate a wide range of trade, investment, communications, financial, technology-oriented, public affairs, marketing and other relevant initiatives. Through the development of a more complete understanding of key issues and audiences, our clients are able to plan and focus their resources in a more effective manner. KWR has conducted research assignments for major U.S. and foreign corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, non-profit organizations and several of the world's largest public relations firms. Selected projects include:

Perception Monitoring and Analysis

KWR utilizes quantitative and qualitative techniques to evaluate the changing perceptions of targeted constituencies and individuals. These initiatives provide clients with the knowledge necessary to develop effective communications, business and institutional strategies, as well as to provide benchmarks that can be used to evaluate progress and results.

Employing a unique methodology, KWR draws upon its in-house database of 10,000+ opinion leaders to rapidly obtain input from targeted constituencies all over the world. This initial response is usually followed-up with in-person or telephone interviews to provide the “focus-room” type input and commentary that provides depth and substance to the data that is generated. KWR then undertakes an analytical review according to the needs and requirements of the client.

• KWR undertook two surveys in 1997 and 2000 to measure the changing perceptions of U.S. opinion-leaders on a broad range of issues related to Korea. KWR’s first survey measured the views of both the aggregate audience as well as components including business government and academia; trade and industry; and media and the general public. This study and its follow-up seminar and media relations campaign was selected as a finalist for the 1998 “CIPRA” (Creativity in Public Relations) award in International Public Relations. A follow-up survey conducted in 2000 also received considerable recognition.

• KWR undertook two surveys over a three-month period for an Asian finance ministry before and after a global road-show to support a multibillion dollar sovereign bond offering. This initiative was used to develop strategic messages and to develop a benchmark of evolving investor concerns and perceptions;

• KWR undertook a survey for a foreign multinational corporation to measure corporate and brand awareness among U.S. financial decision makers, business journalists, analysts and corporate executives;

• KWR undertook two surveys of U.S. opinion leaders to evaluate their perceptions regarding the relative economic competitiveness and performance of the United States and another G7 country in the past, present and future;

• KWR undertook a survey for a foreign corporation to measure investor perceptions in anticipation of a U.S. equity listing;

• KWR has undertaken numerous surveys to measure the perceptions of U.S. journalists, financial and corporate executives, academics, government officials and other relevant individuals regarding numerous bilateral and multilateral trade issues and disputes involving a broad range of industrial sectors; and

• KWR undertook one of the first surveys in 1996 to measure "Media Use of the Internet" and other issues relating to the Internet.

Economic, Financial and Political Analysis

KWR prepares analytical reports, positioning and background papers and strategy statements to help corporate and government opinion leaders to understand key issues and to facilitate decision-making and presentations to key internal and external audiences.

• KWR undertook a series of research reports examining U.S. and global financial market trends and their effect on targeted economies for an Asian government agency;

• KWR undertook studies analyzing U.S. corporate restructuring trends and human resource practices for a foreign research institute;

• KWR undertook a comprehensive study to analyze U.S. fiscal policy over the past twenty-five years. This included a review of published data and detailed interviews with several dozen leading experts to determine the direct and indirect factors that allowed the U.S. to move from a budget deficit to a surplus;

• KWR undertook a series of research memorandums analyzing political and economic issues in Latin America and other targeted economies to help a foreign financial institution to evaluate their global underwriting and insurance exposure;

• KWR staff prepared a research study analyzing the experiences of twelve major U.S. corporations who had "fallen off" the Fortune 50 list and formulated recommendations and conclusions for government and corporate audiences in an Asian nation seeking to implement their own restructuring efforts; and

• KWR staff have authored numerous books, articles, speeches and other materials on a wide range of trade, investment, financial and other relevant issues concerning Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe.

Marketing, Institutional and Industry Analysis

KWR assists corporate, financial and government clients who seek to understand and enter new markets and enhance their business networks and relationships. Projects include “communications audits” to help clients enhance their external and internal communications as well as the preparation of background and briefing materials, business plans, due diligence studies and sectoral and industry reviews.

• KWR staff have performed numerous market research studies to help clients to evaluate the potential, and to effectively enter the U.S. and other targeted markets, in sectors including technology, apparel, agro-business, giftware, home furnishings, fashion accessories and a wide range of light and heavy industries. These engagements have included market reviews as well as assistance in product and marketing development, launches, financial strategies and other relevant activities;

• KWR undertook analysis and review of targeted new financial products for major foreign financial institution;

• KWR analyzed current trends in clean energy technology in the U.S. and potential implications for corporations, NGO's and government policymakers for a foreign trade association;

• KWR undertook a series of research memorandums to help a foreign financial institution to understand a range of new financial products;

• KWR undertook a detailed review of a privately-held U.S. B2B e-commerce exchange to help a major foreign corporation seeking to evaluate the risk and potential of a business relationship;

• KWR staff helped to prepare numerous studies analyzing potential telecommunications and infrastructure investments and to highlight marketing and communications strategies to support one of the largest U.S. financial institutions seeking to initiate emerging market transactions around the world;

• KWR prepared an analysis of the U.S. baseball market and defined strategic, marketing and financial options and recommendations for a Japanese baseball manufacturer seeking to restructure its operations in the United States;

• KWR undertook a review of the U.S. spice industry for a Southeast Asian government seeking to provide assistance to domestic exporters;

• KWR staff have helped to prepare business plans for several “venture-oriented” companies seeking to attract the interest and participation of outside investors,

• KWR evaluated the creditworthiness of a U.S. utility and the investment potential of several Asian technology and industrial firms for corporate and public sector clients; and

• KWR staff have worked with numerous corporate and government agencies as well as non-profit and trade organizations to assist in the review and development of effective communications and outreach strategies. This includes start-up projects as well as consultative engagements to allow clients to maximize the value gained from ongoing programs and their existing relationships with other professional service firms.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

KWR regularly monitors major publications, grassroots and trade media and the Internet to highlight and analyze media coverage on a broad range of economic, public affairs and corporate issues. This can be performed on a global basis or within selected markets based upon the needs of the client.

• KWR monitors trade, investment and economic developments in several nations on an ongoing basis, which are then disseminated to clients and targeted opinion leaders all over the world on a selective basis;

• KWR provided specialized monitoring services to help a U.S. financial institution to evaluate a portfolio investment in Asia, a foreign manufacturer to review developments in a U.S. industry, a U.S. importer to track consumer trends in several countries, a financial investor to analyze trends in a particular sector and a foreign technology firm to evaluate relevant industry trends;

• KWR has helped governments and corporations to monitor and analyze media coverage during bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations;

• KWR has helped corporations and financial institutions to monitor and analyze the views and perceptions of the media and the investment community on selected products, corporate entities and other relevant issues;

• KWR prepares monitoring reports that are distributed to clients to keep them abreast of key issues, trends and developments. This includes projects for governments, corporations, financial institutions and other service firms;

• KWR helped to assemble background material and to monitor ongoing media coverage to help a major multinational corporation to evaluate political risk and to analyze a direct investment opportunity in Indonesia; and

• KWR co-published a daily English-language summary of headlines in the Korean media that was disseminated on a subscription basis via e-mail.

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