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December 1 JETRO: Action Plan for New Economic Growth
December 1 J@pan Inc.: Fast Country

November 22 ZDNetAsia News: World Venture Festival to feature over 500 firms
November 21 Asia Pulse: Seoul to Host World Venture Technology Festival
November 9 Site Selection: Japan, Industrial Leaders Plan New Economic Reform

October 19 JETRO: Japan Announces New Growth Policy to Promote Economic Rebirth
October V2.E4 KWR International Advisor #6

September 18 JETRO: Industrial Rebirth Council to Expand Scale of Japanese Economic Reform Initiatives

August 14 JETRO: G8 Nations Look Toward 21st Century in Okinawa
August 1 AANews: U.S. Opinion Leaders See South Korea as a 'Growth Stock'

July 31 Finance Asia: China's merging stock Markets
July 3 Christian Science Monitor: The rise of a global 'shareholder culture'
July 1 Asia Business: The Bottom Line
July V2.E3 KWR International Advisor #5

June 30 Mixed Forecast for Korea's Investing Climate
June 29 BridgeNews: S. Korea's KSDA chief says stock market relatively undervalued
June 15 A kinder, gentler Dear Leader? North Korea's Kim Jong Il takes a practical tack
June 5 KSDA/Korea Society: Portfolio Korea 2000 Conference Program Information (PDF file - 294kb)
June 2 The Return of Hong Kong: Riding the New Economy?
June 1 Corporate Japan enjoys freer laws

May 22 India's Technology Revolution: A Primer
May 1 KOCHAM: KOCHAM/FKI U.S. Opinion Leader Report Data Presentation
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May 1 MOFAT Article (Korean Only)

April 21 Electronic Engineering Times: Industry Seen Weathering Market Storm
April 18 Communication Systems Design: Stock volatility has limited impact

April V2.E2

KWR International Advisor #4

March 20 EE Times: The devil's in the details of the new U.S. economy
March 17 Turning a corner Down South
March 1 International Relations: Developing Effective Investment Promotion Programs

February V2.E1 KWR International Advisor #3

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