KWR Library - 2004


December 30 KWR Special Report: Alleviating Tsunami-related Suffering Vital to U.S. War on Terrorism
December 22 JETRO: Japanís $3+ Trillion Postal Privatization to Have Significant Impact on Financial Markets


November 22 Business Times: Malaysia Viewed as Investors’ Darling
November V6.E7 KWR International Advisor #30


October 29 JETRO: Recognizing the Long-Term Nature of Japan’s Economic Recovery
October 15 Business Facilities: The Essential Importance of an Asian Business Development Strategy


September/October V6.E6 KWR International Advisor #29


July/August V6.E5 KWR International Advisor #28
August 8 JETRO: An Entrepreneurial Spirit Begins to Emerge in Japan


July 12 KWR Special Report: Russia’s Run on Deposits and Yukos Demands: Ominous Signs for the Global Economy?



June 10 Nagase Kenko: International Youth Baseball Survey (PDF file)
June V6.E4 KWR International Advisor #27
June 7 JETRO: Rising Confidence Provides Further Evidence of an Economic Recovery in Japan


May 25 EE Times (French edition): Avec la nouvelle ville de Songdo, la Corée du Sud lutte pour le prestige régional
May 18 EE Times: South Korea vies for regional status with New Songdo City
May 17 Keith W. Rabin Comments: Korean Free Economic Zone Investment Bonanza
May 12

KLRI: 2004 Perception Survey on Korea and Related Economic, Political and Security Issues


April/May V6.E3 KWR International Advisor #26
April 8 JETRO: Japan Benefits from Increasing Economic Integration with East Asia


March V6.E2 KWR International Advisor #25


February 14 JETRO: Japan Regains its Position as a Global Cultural and Trend Leader
February 11 KWR Special Report: Greenspan's Monetary Policy Testimony
February 10 KWR Special Report : The Effect of Complacency, Tightening and Fear on Commodity Prices
February V6.E1 KWR International Advisor #24


January 31 Buyside: Are We Entering a dot.Asia Environment?
January 15 KWR Special Report: Will Gold and Precious Metals Sustain Their Momentum into 2004?
January 12 JETRO: Economic Recovery Leads to Regional Competition and Development in Japan

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