Organization Capabilities and Concerns

Unlike an industrial product, in which technical specifications can be easily developed and then bid out and evaluated against precise standards, professional services can vary widely in quality, intensity and value. Therefore, clients often find it difficult to determine the optimal level of staffing, reporting relationships, scope and scale of activities and budgetary resources they need to achieve desired results. In some cases this leads to misunderstandings and inefficiencies, which could have been avoided if more attention had been devoted to developing the underlying structure and programmatic framework needed to best achieve the objectives that have been developed.

KWR believes that clients need to adopt a structure that incorporates their internal values and culture. We help them to organize the structure, level and scale of activity and resource allocation that can best achieve consensus and support throughout their organizations. This often includes input from multiple offices in different countries, and in many cases on several continents.

Having decades of experience organizing programs for public and private sector clients of all sizes, KWR professionals are well-versed in staffing and budgeting projects that range from small, localized initiatives requiring minimal resources to large, globally scaled programs that involve multi-million dollar budgets. This includes programs that we have managed under our own corporate umbrella as well as assignments to help clients to evaluate their needs and maximize relationships with other professional service firms.

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