Program Managment and Integration

While traditional public and investor relations programs usually focus primarily on message delivery and promotion, KWR utilizes an integrated programmatic structure that seeks to balance communications outreach within the unique organizational, technical and strategic situation of each client.

Through a flexible structure that allows us to draw upon an extensive worldwide network of relationships and affiliations with consultants and service firms, KWR is able to provide the specialized expertise needed to add value across a wide range of technical functions. In addition to public and investor relations specialists, this can include the services of economists, analysts, attorneys, academics, journalists, designers, trainers, marketing specialists, corporate executives and other service professionals as needed to achieve the objectives of our clients.

By incorporating these supplemental resources into our professional structure on an as-needed basis, we are able to leverage our proven ability to manage complex client initiatives, without the rigidities and inefficiencies often found in larger institutions. This structure enables us to field the best expertise possible and to provide the highest value to our clients.

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