Consulting: Providing Technical Assistance and Support

KWR's consultative approach combines analytical and technical expertise with the promotional capabilities of a traditional public and investor relations firm. This provides our clients with a unique ability to develop integrated solutions that identify and define strategic options within the context of a nuanced understanding of key external and internal perceptions and the institutional potential of their organizations. Drawing upon our professionals and global network of consultants, KWR is then able to design, implement and evaluate programs that deliver real and sustainable value.

Program Design and Development

The fundamental success of any consulting program lies in the development of a sound structure that identifies core objectives and offers a means to achieve meaningful results. KWR is frequently called upon to research and analyze issues of pressing concern and to design communications, technical assistance and business development programs that can successfully achieve a wide range of business, policy and institutional objectives. This requires a consideration of many significant factors, including policy, planning and strategic development; media outreach and promotion; and organizational capabilities and concerns. All of these issues must be integrated into an overall structure that can effectively address, and balance necessary considerations in a manner that effectively advances the interests of a client organization. KWR staff and consultants have assisted in the design of presentations, programs and deliverables for major business, technology and professional service firms, including several Fortune 100 clients.

  • KWR professionals designed a multi-million dollar global communications program for a foreign trade association with planned activities in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

  • KWR staff was instrumental in designing a program to help a major U.S. financial institution launch a new telecommunications finance division.

  • KWR professionals designed a program to help an export promotion agency showcase companies within a particular sector in the U.S. market.

  • KWR staff managed the design of a multifaceted "Trade, Investment and Privatization" program for a Central European Trade Ministry.

  • KWR professionals identified, and provided recommendations concerning, strategic options for a foreign manufacturer seeking to restructure and reorganize their business operations in the U.S. and other international markets.

  • KWR professionals developed strategic and consortia relationships to win subcontracting role on a public information project in CEE/NIS.

  • KWR professionals designed a strategic plan and assisted in implementing an award-winning program to develop corporate sponsorships to fund a national advertising campaign for a major U.S.-based NGO engaged in crisis and disaster relief. Five major companies donated $4.5 million.

  • KWR professionals served as international private sector expert for the development of a three year, $54m dollar donor-funded, comprehensive leather sector work plan for a South Asian country.

Project Management and Implementation

Effective program management requires a clear, focused vision and an ability to rapidly adapt to breaking events and issues as they appear on the horizon. KWR's flexible infrastructure allows us to supplement our core staff with a wide range of consulting relationships and business affiliations. This enables KWR to both quickly mount rapid response mechanisms to crisis situations and to carefully plan and manage well-planned ongoing initiatives. KWR has managed a wide range of consulting engagements in the U.S. and many international locations. This includes small, localized projects and complex programs that require ongoing regional or global support.

  • KWR recently managed a research project to analyze U.S. fiscal policy and lessons learned for a foreign country. Several economic and policy analysts were recruited to provide necessary analysis and more than two dozen opinion leaders interviewed to provide insight into our findings.

  • KWR organized a road show visit to promote a technology infrastructure project in Asia. Activities included a reception, dance performance for over one thousand people, English and foreign-language press conferences and interviews, investment seminar, and one-on-one meetings with journalists, investors and other targeted individuals. In addition to a core project team, KWR utilized consultants with expertise in telemarketing, theatrical production and special events. It also developed corporate sponsorships and managed extensive interactions with business associations, NGO's, and other relevant entities.

  • KWR managed an intensive outreach effort to communicate and generate support for a foreign government's positions during highly sensitive bilateral trade negotiations.

  • KWR provided counsel and promotional assistance to support a multi-city road show by a foreign securities dealers association in the U.S.

  • KWR professionals designed, developed and implemented an all-inclusive branding, marketing and promotion campaign for a European agroindustry trade association.

  • Numerous additional examples are highlighted within the different functional areas included within this and other capabilities sections included within this web site.

Program Evaluation

KWR professionals are frequently called on to help corporate and public sector clients to evaluate communications, policy and other institutional initiatives and by professional service firms who seek to measure and to justify their efforts.

  • KWR has assisted several corporate and public sector clients to review and evaluate their relationships with public relations and other professional service firms.

  • KWR undertook two studies to measure perceptions before and after a road show to support a sovereign bond offering to allow a professional services firm and its client to plan, and evaluate, the success of their actions.

  • KWR professionals conducted analysis for a donor agency in advance of mid-term review meeting.

  • KWR professionals evaluated and rated technical and financial proposals from firms bidding to develop sustainable human development information models for South Asian Planning Ministry.

  • KWR professionals evaluated proposals from firms bidding on project to develop master plan for an emerging South Pacific nation.

  • KWR professionals conducted independent evaluation of product specialist program to develop export-competitive products in Southeast Asian nation.

  • KWR professionals assessed a draft master plan in respect to statement of work and prepared recommendations to address open issues between contractor, country and donor agency.

Training and Technical Assistance

Rapidly changing economic, technological and regulatory trends require today's managers to keep abreast of the latest trends, innovations and business practices. They also need to constantly upgrade their skills and capabilities and to maintain a familiarity with the English language. KWR staff and consultants have extensive experience helping clients to address these needs and to develop the program curriculums and educative sessions, conferences, seminars, presentation and other materials and resources needed to enhance the training process.

  • KWR conducted a training session for a delegation of foreign information technology managers on the need to develop new business models.

  • KWR conducted a training session for U.S.-based divisions of major companies from an Asian nation on methods to upgrade their communications and public relations capabilities.

  • KWR organized several seminars to familiarize member companies of a foreign trade association to address issues including corporate governance, investor relations, marketing, business planning and economic and investment trends.

  • KWR delivered training sessions to familiarize aerospace managers with emerging political risk issues to help in their international planning efforts.

  • KWR delivered a lecture on "Utilizing the Internet and New Media Vehicles" to foreign trade association.

  • KWR provided support for several teleconferences designed to provide insight into technological, political and economic trends.

  • KWR helped to develop seminar curriculum for firm specializing in legal training for foreign investors and regulators.

  • KWR professionals were responsible for developing an investor relations seminar for capital market regulators from six CEE/NIS countries.

  • KWR professionals supervised development and implementation of a multi-city training program for senior public relations executives of a major foreign conglomerate.

  • KWR professionals developed curriculum, agenda and workshop format for conference entitled, "Managing the Marketing Process," attended by 60 CEE/NIS business executives.

  • KWR professionals prepared lectures for bi-annual Export Market Entry Strategies Seminar, providing training and counsel to government agencies and firms seeking to expand their presence in the U.S. market.

  • KWR professionals delivered wrap-up session on "Managing an Export Strategy" in seminar for foreign furniture manufacturers.

  • KWR professionals designed and conducted "Targeting U.S. Strategic Partners" seminar for business service providers in former CIS country.

  • KWR worked in country with selected companies to evaluate and structure presentations and train personnel for effective participation in international investment meetings.

Sovereign and Corporate Ratings Service

As corporations and governments find themselves less able to rely upon commercial banks and traditional funding sources, they become more dependent on the capital markets to access their financial needs and requirements. Credit ratings are an essential tool and have become an inevitable part of today's global financial infrastructure. The benefits of a rating to borrowers can be extremely valuable in terms of lower financing costs, longer maturities, increased financial flexibility, and wider markets.

KWR professionals have provided ratings advisory services to municipalities, states and provinces, supranationals, banks, utilities, and corporations. This service includes the development of a "credit plan" to assist clients in preparing for meetings with rating agencies. To help its clients navigate the ratings process; KWR is able to draw upon seasoned professionals to prepare and edit government documents, annual reports, presentations, and marketing materials as well as other tools and services to help to ensure the best possible rating.

  • KWR consultants have advised ministries of finance and central banks on six continents on how to optimize their credit ratings and relationships with the international rating agencies.

  • KWR professionals have assisted in the establishment and development of local rating agencies in Hungary, Iceland, Poland and Russia; and have written market feasibility studies and trained credit analysts

  • KWR professionals have lectured on credit analysis and bond ratings at Smith Barney, Fordham University, and Pace University, and spoken on the subject at numerous international forums.

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