KWR Library - 2001

December 31 KWR International Advisor #12
December 4 METI: Investment Initiatives Concerning the U.S. and Japan: A Changing Environment (in Japanese)
December V3.E5s KWR Consejero Internacional #11 (in Spanish)

November V3.E5 KWR International Advisor #11
November 18 KWR: Contending with Argentina - Is Uruguay Coping?
November 14 KWR Keynote Speech at Turtlesnap Investment Seminar
November 5 KWR: Interview with Mr. Yasutaka Miyamoto, President and CEO of Shinkin Central Bank

October 16 Buyside: Panel Discussion - The Fed and Monetary Policy

September 24 JETRO: Japanese Prime Minister in U.S. to Address Global Terrorism and Economic Issues

August 16 Asia Pulse: Thailand's Chang Beer Showcased in Las Vegas
August 16 THAILAND: Thailand's Chang Beer to get US launch
August 6 Seoul Economic Daily: Profile of Keith W. Rabin (in Korean)
August 6 Seoul Economic Daily: Interview with Keith W. Rabin, President of KWR International (in Korean)
August 1 Roses Among The Thorns Of Japan's Banking System
August V3.E4s KWR Consejero Internacional #10 (in Spanish)
August V3.E4 KWR International Advisor #10

July 9 KWR: Sovereign and Corporate Investor Relations in a "Post-Bubble" World
July V3.E3 KWR International Advisor #9
July V3.E3s KWR Consejero Internacional #9 Junio/Julio 2001 (in Spanish)

June 26 JETRO: Koizumi Government Adopts "Solid Policy Framework" to Promote Economic Rebirth of Japan

May 25 JETRO: METI Minister Announces Plan to Create New Markets and New Jobs in Japan
May 8 KWR: Argentina-Still in Trouble

April 20 JETRO: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
April 6 JETRO: Emergency Economic Package
April 3 JETRO: Japanese FDI Seminar-April 25- Web Site
April V3.E2 KWR International Advisor #8

March 14 Buyside Asia: A Lose-Win Situation

February 16 KWR: Anxious Dragon - Managing Expectations in China

January 26 BridgeNews Forum: An Economic Pill Asia Must Swallow
January 26 KWR: Dangers of Slow Pace to Merge - Japanese Banks
January V3.E1 KWR International Advisor #7

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