KWR Library - 2002

December/January V4.E4
KWR International Advisor #16
Dicembre/Enero V4.E4 KWR Consejero Internacional #16 (Español)
December 24 Interview with Yukio Iura, President & CEO of Nippon Angels Forum
December 8 Global Problem of Corporate Governance:
The Philippines’ Response



November 22 APEC: Going, Going, Gone?
November 4 KW Rabin Introductory Comments at Korean Infrastructure Projects and Investment Seminar
November 4 Changing Times in Turkey




October 16 KISC: Korea Infrastructure Projects and Investment Seminar
October 8 Supporting Dr Supachai
October 1 Interview with Korea's Leading Venture Capitalist:
Mr. Ki-Woong Baek, CEO of KTBnetwork
Interview with Mr. Ki-Woong Baek IN KOREAN



October V4.E3
  KWR International Advisor #15
September 3 eBusiness Japan: Interview with Keith W. Rabin



August 16 ACCESS JAPAN: Valuable Source of Global Diversity for Investors



July 29 JETRO: Japanese Economy Offers Investors a Source of Global Diversity
July 16 The US Economy: A Few Bad Apples or Tip of the Iceberg?


June 27 KW Rabin Presentation at Turtlesnap "Convergence of Nanotech and
Biotech" Investment Symposium
June 26 Life Among the Ruins: The Impact of WorldCom
June 21 Colombia - A More Difficult Road Ahead

May/June V4.E2 KWR International Advisor #14
May 25 Corporate Governance In a Post-Enron Environment: KWR Presentation to Board of Directors of Republic Bank Ltd. (Trinidad and Tobago) (PDF-456K)
May 15

KOCHAM ANNUAL POSITION PAPER: 2002 An Agenda to Strengthen U.S.-Korea Economic Relations (includes PDF-84K)

April 15 Japan Financial News: Speaking to Top Management: There are Many Business Opportunities Between Asia and the U.S. (KW Rabin Interview in Japanese Only)
April 1 ICFAI Press (India): Japanese Economy : Land of the setting sun?

March 18 Japan Financial News: Japanese Small- to Medium-Sized Companies Raise Funds in the United States: Investor Reactions are Positive (in Japanese)
March 12 JSCI Conference: Opening Comments by Keith Rabin, President of KWR International, Inc.
March 10 Reuters: Asian Currency Net Takes Shape -- Slowly
March 4 San Diego Business Journal: South Koreans eye local bio investment
March V4.E1 KWR International Advisor #13



February 16 JETRO: President Bush Travels to Japan to Discuss Security and Economic Issues
February 14 KOCHAM: Doing Business in the United States: A Korean Perspective
February 12 ASIA Pulse : Japan Small Company Investment Conference to be held in NY March 12
February 11 JSCI: Japan Small Company Investment Conference Website



January 1 FKI: The Importance of International Public Relations: Interview with Federation of Korean Industries Monthly Magazine (Korean Only)
January 16

RIETI: Overcoming Japan’s "China Syndrome"

January V3.E6 KWR International Advisor #12

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