KWR Library - 2003


December V5.E7 KWR International Advisor #23
December 1 JETRO: Japan Identifies New Policy Challenges to Sustain Its Economic Progress



November 26 KWR Special Report: The Wrong Side of History - The Bush Administration’s Bad Trade Policies
November 16 Global Overview: Interview with Ambassador Donald P. Gregg
November V5.E6 KWR International Advisor #22
November 11 JETRO: Japan Offers Investors Growth As Well As Value



October V5.E5 KWR International Advisor #21



September 27 JETRO: Japan - Feeling a Little Better
September 23 AICC: Remarks by President Megawati Soekarnoputri of the Republic of Indonesia
September V5.E4 KWR International Advisor #20
September 14 Korea Times: Creating Value Key to the Republic of Korea's Long-Term Success
September 09 JETRO: Japan's Bio-Tech Venture: Tsunami or Just a Bubble?



August 22 JETRO: Can Japan Maintain its Movement Toward an Economic Recovery?
August 16 KWR Special Report: Japan – The Political Game Becomes More Complicated
August 10 Koizumi’s Art of War – Elections in November?


July 20 Asia Times - Japan: The light at the end of the tunnel?
July/Aug V5.E2 KWR International Advisor #19
July 16 JETRO: Businesses & Investors Perceive a Change in Japan's Economic Prospects
July 12
Mexico's Elections: The Worrying Is Overdone


May/June V5.E2
KWR International Advisor #18



April 30
JETRO: Japan Seeks to Double Foreign Direct Investment in Japan within Five Years
March/April V5.E1
KWR International Advisor #17



March 31 Interview with Mr. Kiyoshi Goto, Director-General, Department of Business Development, Development Bank of Japan
March 21 Maeil Business News: Korea Needs to Address the Growing Uncertainty of International Investors
March 1 Interview with Dr. Marc Faber, lnvestment Advisor, Fund Manager and Author



February 26
Seoul Economic Daily: Interview with KW Rabin (in Korean)



January 15 JETRO: New Japanese Corporation to Expedite Corporate and Industrial Reorganization
December/January V4.E4
KWR International Advisor #16
Dicembre/Enero V4.E4 KWR Consejero Internacional #16 (Español)

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