Masatoshi Hirakata
Senior Consultant - Business Development

Masatoshi Hirakata serves as a senior consultant liaison at KWR International, Inc. (KWR) in the United States and Japan; a firm specializing in the delivery of research, communications, business development, strategic alliance, consulting and advisory services to public and private sector clients.

Drawing on his extensive experience in business development, channel development, channel sales & marketing, and strategic planning, Mr. Hirakata helps KWR clients to more fully understand, and to establish their global strategic relationship with a wide range of entities in Japan and other Asian Markets. In addition, Mr. Hirakata works with Japanese and the US firms to enhance their international operations and to plan and implement a wide range of strategic and marketing initiatives around the world.

Prior to joining KWR, Mr. Hirakata served as Director of Business Development Asia Pacific at Mainline Global Services. In this capacity, he managed new business development in China and completed the company registration, three-branch office opening, and the business start-up infrastructure in China. He was also active in managing the companies operations in Korea and Japan. Before joining Mainline Global Services, Mr. Hirakata served at various positions with IBM Japan and IBM Asia Pacific for more than 30 years. In this capacity, he accumulated extensive experience and skills in channel business development, channel marketing, strategic alliance development, channel sales operations, and Route-To-Market services in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, he was extensively involved in strategic business planning, business case modeling, large systems product planning, product pricing, and product sales and marketing for major corporations and institutions. He also has extensive experience in international operations gained through several international assignments with IBM in the U.S. and other markets.

Mr. Hirakata is fluent in English and is a native Japanese speaker. Mr. Hirakata holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics with honors from Temple University and holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Sophia University.

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