Hamish MacDonald
Senior Consultant – Japanese Business Development

Hamish MacDonald serves as a Tokyo-based senior consultant liaison at KWR International, Inc. (KWR); a firm specializing in the delivery of research, communications, business development, strategic alliance, consulting and advisory services to public and private sector clients.

Drawing on his extensive experience in Japanese business development, sales, marketing and strategic planning, Mr. MacDonald helps KWR clients to establish and develop their strategic business with Japanese companies. He also actively assists Japanese firms in their efforts to attract foreign investors and business partners and to expand into overseas markets.

Prior to joining KWR, Mr. MacDonald established and served as President of Saizen Marketing, a Tokyo-based business and marketing development consultancy that helped US companies increase market share in Japan (later sold to a former vice-chairman from one of Japan’s industrial conglomerates). At Saizen, Mr. MacDonald helped establish and edit two Japanese magazines, including Japan’s first monthly alternative health magazine. Publishing work also included arranging for US business authors to be published and promoted in Japan.

Mr. MacDonald also has extensive experience in Japanese legal issues pertaining to corporate governance, company law, and intellectual property, as well as approval of US health products for sale in the Japan market.

Before establishing Saizen, Mr. MacDonald was a top-ranked sales representative for a US-based direct marketing company, assisting it to successfully break into the Japan market. During these years Mr. MacDonald developed a deep understanding of Japanese consumer behavior. Recent sales-related activity has included training the national sales force at the Japanese arm of one of the US’ most respected hi-tech companies.

Mr. MacDonald most recently served as start-up CEO of MPSS Ltd, a Tokyo hi-tech company that partnered with a Japanese hi-tech conglomerate to produce a digital payments prototype. Mr. MacDonald co-invented and filed related business model patents and presented to senior management at some of the USA’s largest companies as well as negotiated with Venture Capital firms in New York and Silicon Valley.

Mr. MacDonald is continually focused on finding ways to improve operations while driving a company’s growth through communicating its strategic vision and creating a strong franchise.

Mr. MacDonald is fluent in written and spoken Japanese, and is originally from New Zealand. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management from Otago University (New Zealand).

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